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Early Birds Program

Please make sure you’ve read the Terms & Conditions and also the Participation Rules below before you contribute

Participation Rules: (We want to make it fair to all participants)
1) Only 1 ETH address/IP per person is allowed to participate in this program.
2) The price of 1 EALP is fixed to 0.0001 ETH (1000 EALP = 0.1 ETH).
3) The minimum contribution amount in ETH is 0.1 ETH.
4) The maximum contribution amount in ETH is 0.5 ETH. If you send more than 0.5 ETH then     you will receive 5000 EALP, and the remaining ETH will be sent back to you.
6) Only a total of 400,000 EALP tokens are available for purchase in this program. There are     20,000 EALP tokens to be distributed to the first 20 contributors (20 stakes X 1000 EALP).

Token sale event is now closed

We thank all Inverstors who contributed to the project.

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